Condominium Law

Condominium law

Common elements, shared facilities and expenses — the ownership structure of a condominium building presents its own unique legal challenges not faced by may property owners. Your home may be your castle, but it shares the same wall, floor and ceiling of another king’s or queen’s castle.

Some of the condominium-related issues Uncharted Legal handles includes:

Proxy Representation
Representation at Condominium Authority Tribunal proceedings
Common elements arrears

Insurance claims and coverage issues
Repairs, maintenance, alterations and improvements
Shared facilities disputes
Proposed declaration, by-law, and rule changes
Legal opinions and interpretations of condominium documents, Ontario’s Condominium Act and other relevant legislation
Utility and telecommunication agreements
Property management agreements
Shared facility and reciprocal agreements
Employment, human rights and occupational health and safety standards


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Uncharted Legal also provides condominium-related services concerning Construction.