Real Estate & Property

Real Estate & Property

For most people, their property is likely to be their biggest investment and main reason they are involved in litigation in the first place. Mortgage payments falling behind, disagreements with neighbours about the property line, contractors who come in to renovate the property — all sorts of people will have a financial interest in your land.

Whether your property is residential or commercial, zoned for mixed-use or as a heritage property, farmland or a waterfront cottage, Uncharted Legal is capable of handling any issue that is affecting your enjoyment of your own property.

Some of the real estate & property issues Uncharted Legal handles includes:

Breach of purchase & sale agreements
Return of deposit
Costs of delayed closings
Hidden property defects
Mould, mildew & flooding
Broker / agent negligence
Nuisance claims — tree roots, noise, water migration, etc.
Co-ownership disputes
Title defects
Occupier’s liability
Joint Tenancy vs. Tenants in Common arrangements
Rental income properties
Boundary / property line
Soil & environmental
Mortgage defaults
Collateral mortgages
Power of Sale & Foreclosure

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Uncharted Legal also provides property-related services concerning Construction and Condominiums.